[UPDATE] Patience – One Month Later 1

cute puppy

We are happy to share some new pictures of Patience and her pups

– both have grown tremendously in the last month.  Patience has regained her weight and looks like a completely different dog.  If I didn’t know better, I would find it hard to believe this is the same emaciated soul we pulled from MAS just over a month ago.pit momma after


And while her body has changed, her spirit never did.  She is still the same loving, sweet and gentle girl we met that December day.

She is clearly very happy taking care of her pups… and being taking care of by her wonderful foster!

smiling pitbull momma

And her pups? Well they are just beautiful!

cute pit puppies

These playful pups will soon be ready for adoption and ready to find their forever homes

Check out the Stray Network Animal Rescue Facebook page for even more cute pictures of Patience and her sweet pups.

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