James Dean – Cool Re-Defined

isolated dog on white

This is James Dean.

Just a few short weeks ago, he was on the brink of death.

Malnourished, abandoned, and starved – physically and emotionally.

Nothing more than skin and fur stretched over brittle bones.  But yet, his eyes still held hope.  Hope for a better tomorrow.

Hope for love.


dog James Dean   

Welcome to Bailey’s Arms – This is YOUR freedom ride.

Your today promises to be better than yesterday.  Your tomorrow will be even better.

freedom ride

Just a few short weeks of love, proper nutrition and care.

James Dean is a whole new dog, barely recognizable from the shell of his former self.


You can see life in this boy, and boy is he cool!

loves dogs, loves car rides, LOVES attention, and doesn’t at all mind cats.

James Dean the dog

Here he is enjoying his day in the sun.

dog chewing bone

James Dean’s future is full of sunny days (and plenty of bones to chew on)!

as always, a sincere thank you to our fosters.  You made this possible.

James Dean is currently with his loving foster family and looking for his forever home.  To adopt James Dean or any of our other rescue dogs, please visit www.straynetwork.org and complete our adoption form. 
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