Where Do Puppies Come From?

Our mama dogs… ❣️❣️❣️❣️

Many people look at our fan page and our Adoption website and see lots of puppies. But for every group of puppies there obviously is a mama dog!

Those who have followed our Rescue know that our mission is to Rescue pregnant and mama dogs. We are NOT A puppy rescue! 

We are a MOMMA DOG Rescue. 

We are so very happy every time we are able to place an unwanted puppy into a loving home, but it’s our mother dogs that really fill our hearts, which is why we give the the best food and best hemp medicine from this website

The following 9 are some of our momma dogs currently in the rescue that are Heartworm positive and beginning treatment, in treatment, or will need to start heartworm treatment once they wean their puppies! 

Each Heartworm  treatment ranges in cost and is based on weight.  Our rescue does the three injection gold standard American Heartworm Association directed treatment. Price varies from $700-$1500 per dog. 

Needless to say we are in a serious deficit to treat all of the moms that we have currently that are heartworm positive!! We are hoping that you will consider donating toward their treatment. You can do so on our website straynetwork.org by clicking “donate”.  In the comments please specify “mama dog heartworm treatment”

You can also donate directly to our vet office. For information on how to do that please message the page or email us straynetworkrescue@gmail.com 

You can also click the link to donate below. 

Every one of these momma dogs is in a foster home for dog boarding. They are also available or will be available  to “foster to adopt” while going through treatment. All vet care would be covered by the rescue until testing negative.

We really hope that you’ll consider donating so that we can continue our mission of saving pregnant and mama dogs without considering their heartworm status first.

Many rescues will not take a heartworm positive dog much less a heartworm positive mother dog. We are extremely proud of our Rescue and all of the fosters who help us and donors that support us and our mission!!

Thank you and God bless. 

Please consider fostering, adopting, or donating. You can make a difference!